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Mixing aluminum and iron cookware is more harmful


When cooking in the kitchen, the cooking pot is made of iron or stainless steel, but the spatula is made of aluminum; or the cooking pot is made of aluminum, but it is equipped with an iron or stainless steel spatula; use an aluminum pot to cook soup Cooking porridge but using iron or stainless steel spoons to stir it... This kind of mixed use of aluminum and iron cooking utensils, which is ignored by many people, is very harmful to health!

Studies have shown that the residual aluminum left in food when mixed with aluminum and iron cookware is 5-10 times higher than that of aluminum cookware alone. Although aluminum is also an essential trace element for the human body, daily intake from the diet is more than enough. After entering the human body, most of the aluminum will be excreted, but some will remain in the organs of the body. When it accumulates to 5-10 times more than the normal value, it will cause harm to health.

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For example, aluminum can inhibit the absorption of phosphorus in the digestive tract, causing the level of phosphorus in the body to decrease, thereby affecting the absorption of calcium. After the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the body is destroyed, the growth and development of bones and teeth will be retarded, and the elderly will develop osteoporosis and be prone to fractures.


At the same time, aluminum combined with other compounds will also inhibit the activity of pepsin, reduce gastric acid, and disrupt digestive function; if it enters the brain tissue, it can cause brain neurobehavioral degeneration, mental retardation, and accelerate the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in the elderly and children. It will cause abnormal intellectual development.

The extensive use of aluminum drinking tableware in households has increased the accumulation rate of aluminum in the human body. If iron pots and cooking utensils are mixed with each other, the hardness of iron products will exceed that of aluminum products. When the two are in friction, the aluminum element of the latter will be greater. It will be scraped off in large quantities and enter the food, which will increase the accumulation of aluminum in the body. Aluminum and acids and alkalis can produce chemical reactions, and the reacted compounds are easily absorbed by the human body.

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Therefore, it is best to use iron or stainless steel for cooking pots and spatulas. Try not to use all aluminum, let alone mix iron and aluminum cookware.